Christa Hartsock

Full-stack developer with a background in architecture.

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Want to know where you are, but can't pull yourself away from your phone? Look no further than your own personal location assistant, @youareherebot! Know what's in front of you without closing Twitter! A Python Twitter bot made for The Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon, San Francisco 2015.

Twitter | Github | Presentation
150417 Chatroulette Girl, Unfriended (Universal Pictures)

The culmination of a lifetime spent on the internet, my dog and I made our big screen debut (and farewell) as friendly faces in a sea of dicks in a teen horror flick. In theaters April 17, 2015. Thanks, Nelson!!

Unfriended site
141202 RosenBot

Your friendly neighborhood Replicant. A Twitter bot tweeting tweetable lines from Philip K Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Built with Python & Redis, hosted on Heroku.

RosenBot | RosenBot on Github

52 bots, 52 weeks. A project with Jim Fingal, where each developer makes a bot (normally on Twitter) per week for a year. Bots are documented with a brief description and code overview at the 52 Bots Tumblr.

52 Bots on Tumblr
141113 Angular2.0 Presentation @ SoCal AngularJS

As part of Logical Reality, presented an introduction to Angular 2.0 at the SoCal AngularJS Monthly Meetup.


Minimalist portfolio site template, for those tired of animated bar charts. Created with RoR; uses rails_admin for easy content additions and updates via a GUI.

Minimal Portfolio in action | Minimal Portfolio on Github

A location-aware scavenger hunt app for discovering interesting spots around LA, designed for mobile. Rails API, PostgreSQL, and PostGIS in the back, AngularJS in the front. In collaboration with Kelsey Ledford and Mike Wong, for WDI Project #4 at General Assembly LA.

ReveaLA website | ReveaLA API on Github | ReveaLA Angular on Github
140531 Bike Plus Plus (Hack 4 LA)
140519 pLAy playlist generator app

Given an LA public transit route, pLAy dynamically generates a list of playable songs with lyrics that reference places the rider would pass. Responsible for back end, which is built with RoR, PostgreSQL and PostGIS, and aggregates data from Metro GTFS (because of course, their realtime API was down the week of development) and Google Places, LyricFind, and Rdio APIs. WDI Project #4, with Michael Choi and Alex Sos, for General Assembly LA.

pLAy website | pLAy on Github

Frustrated by the lack of free private group chat in GA's hipchat, we went rogue and created our own. To keep people honest, we kept it open. Who's who? Who knows. Babychat. Created in AngularJS and Firebase with TJ Thomander and Mike Wong.

Babychat demo website | Babychat on Github
140414 Bike Buddy shared bike commute app

Giving the people what they wanted: a tic tac toe in not one, not two, but three whole dimensions! Completed as Project #1 for WDI at General Assembly using 3D CSS, AngularJS and Firebase.

tCubed website | tCubed on Github

Web design & custom Wordpress site for The Mission Entertainment, an LA-based management and production company representing creators with unique and distinct voices.

The Mission site
140202 Chloe Lenihan web site
131216 Visually Similar Images web site

Developed web prototype for visually similar imgs, an ongoing project by artist Rebecca Lieberman.

visually similar imgs website | visually similar imgs artist website

Consider your party pooped. The internet's foremost depressing party simulator, birthed for Game Jolt Game Jam #10 (Party). Created using Unity 3D engine, with Jim Fingal. Responsible for environments and assets.

Pity Party on Game Jolt | Pity Party on Github
131001 Inbetween Times book design

A tangible artifact of the project below. Collaboration with Jim Fingal, who does know that In-between is spelled as such; Responsible for design of book and logo, and photography.

Inbetween Times book on Blurb

Settled on leaving Boston but not sure where to settle next, my partner Jim Fingal and I embarked on a three-month roadtrip across the U.S., documenting our journey online in photos and phrases. All photos and Tumblr design by yours truly.

Inbetween Times on Tumblr
121027 Halloween Cover Show (The Urinals) @ WWTA
111031 Halloween Cover Show (Bratmobile) @ Charlie's Kitchen

As part of a core team of four and countless contributors, organized three-day all-ages feminist arts festival, featuring performances by 27 bands from across the U.S., educational workshops, vegan food, and tabling by local vendors and activist organizations. Managed finances for festival, fundraising events, and merchandise, whose combined profits were donated to the Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund. With team and in collaboration with the Boston arts community, arranged 15 art-focused fundraisers and promotional events across the city in year preceding festival. Basically, it was one of my happiest weekends.

LFB in the Boston Globe | LFB Bandcamp sampler | LFB zine archive
110402 Bizarre Animals installation @ Harvard Museum of Natural History
080101 Dischord and Dynne live band broadcasts, 95.3fm WHRB

Three+ year live radio show broadcasting local bands to the Boston area, on 95.3fm WHRB's Record Hospital. Responsible for booking bands, promotion, and live sound engineering.

Dischord and Dynne blog